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Jessica Goettlicher, RYT 200 Teaching Bio

Jessica has been teaching Yoga here in her hometown Dallas, Texas for the last 3 years. Our youngest instructor, she is the blissfully happy dread head of the YogaJax family.

Above all, Jessica is and will forever be a student. She practices with the perspective that you will never do the same exact pose the same exact way every practice, so there is always room to explore. Jessica firmly believes that in yoga, breath is king above all and through a dedicated practice she can bring movement, space, and freedom into thoughts that sometimes feel concrete.

To Jessica, yoga is fun. You explore. You play. You love.

Jessica found yoga when she needed to cultivate a different way of thinking. She got upside down and learned to be OK with putting her feet on her head.
Jessica likes to share with students that they don’t have to be yogi masters to feel great about their practice. She feels each student’s own authentic self makes them unique. She wants all students to bring and take what they need out of every practice.

Quote from Jessica: “Have fun always. Love your body for what it can do, respect it for what it can’t do (yet!). Be grateful. Be fearless.”