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Jami is a Texas native from Dallas and opened YogaJax Studio with a background in business as a CIO in commercial insurance technology and, in more recent years, as a yoga studio manager and yoga teacher.

She took her first yoga class 16 years ago and could barely breathe in the hot yoga room. The competitive fire in her caught ablaze as she began to challenge herself to acclimate and establish a consistent practice. With time, Jami felt she had a clearer understanding for the importance of breathing through the postures and also began to notice the usefulness of the breathing techniques outside of the yoga room during times of high stress. As she worked hard to meet her practice goals and found a greater relief of stress with far more benefits than traditional work outs with a trainer, she says she began to contemplate yoga as a possibility in her next life chapter. Years later, Jami decided to join the yoga community professionally to help students achieve peace on and off the mat as she has.

Jami emphasizes to students that yoga is just connecting breathing to your movement and staying mentally present during the practice! She cherishes everything her teachers are bringing to the students and enjoys taking their classes as they all bring a different style, attitude, and perspective when it comes to teaching the asanas.

Quote from Jami: “Pace yourself. Really go where your body AND breath together will allow. Go to your edge, but don’t lose the connection between your movements, your breath and staying mentally in the room. If you can do this in your practice, you will feel so much better than just powering through…that is your yogic mind-body-breath connection in play!”