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Yoga Classes
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Student testimonial

This group exceeded my expectations. I had them come out to teach a 45 minute beginner class for our homeowners association.  They were friendly, knowledgeable and they brought everything we needed for a good experience including yoga mats and music! 
Gloria H.

FORMAT: FLOW – This is an energizing vinyasa or “flow” style class. This class will get your heart rate up and challenge your stamina!

STYLE: All LevelsExpect linking postures through the transitional movements combined with conscious breath work. You can expect some balancing. Modifying for your practice is always encouraged; Level 1-2 – In addition to the benefits of the All Level class, you may experience shoulder stands and/or back bends; Level 2-3 – In addition to the above, you may experience hand stands and deeper backbend postures.


FORMAT: This is a vinyasa class with a slower pace allowing you to discover “the edge” within your personal practice in order to increase your endurance and gradually dissolve “blocks” in the body.
STYLE: This class emphasizes mindful movement and alignment within the context of a vinyasa flow class. Postures may be held longer as we deepen each pose.


FORMAT: Classes are an “All levels” class. In this class, we include longer hold times for yoga poses than are in dynamic style classes like “Flow”. Here you can refine your practice and increase your endurance levels. For each pose, you’ll set up, refine, hold and release!  This approach will allow you the time to internalize and apply the proper technique in expressing the yoga pose.

STYLE: This Hatha class focuses on alignment and foundation first.  You will be expertly guided by each teacher using their own special techniques of entry-refine-hold-exit.  Don’t be fooled by the additional set up time… many are surprised at how much effort is expended when being guided to the peak of each pose!


FORMAT: VITALITY- All Levels – Designed to begin the restorative process for those with mobility, balance and range of motion challenges wishing to participate in a group setting.

STYLE: You can expect an engaging experience with a greater emphasis on “how” you go about entering and holding the postures rather than how far you can go into the postures.


FORMAT: YIN gradually moves you deeper into each posture to the fullest expression, for YOUR body. This class format goes deep to create space in the less elastic, more “plastic” areas of our bodies.

STYLE: Gradual intensity builder using gravity…in the style of “yin”.  In order to work deeply into stretching, you will experience more intensity due to the longer hold times needed. “Mindful surrender” to each pose means entering with awareness of self to be able to differentiate between intensity, discomfort, and pain. Ease away from painful sensations, embrace the intensity even in it’s discomfort and reap the benefits of restoring balance to your body while you build new range of motion! This class synergistically works on developing your awareness of the mind-body connection. Use of props are encouraged where needed.



FORMAT: MEDITATIONInstructors will guide you using relaxation techniques imbued with imagery.  In this class, you are encouraged to let go of tension or anxiety and return to a state of harmony and balance.  

STYLE: We target muscle tension release along with breathing techniques (pranayama practice) allowing you to gradually peel away the mentally restrictive layers from your day, thus emerging the yoga room with a sense of relaxation, peace and connectedness.  This class is an ideal way to wind down your practice or your day!


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