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FAQs | Location: 2001 Coit Rd, Plano TX 75075

oneBe Prepared

  • ARRIVE EARLY:   We recommend you arrive at least 15 minutes early for your first class to ensure you have time for a studio tour and to get your student information registered.
  • HYDRATE – HYDRATE – HYDRATE!  Stay hydrated. Drink water throughout the day, during and after practice. Water is available for purchase in the studio if you forget your water!
  • CLOTHING TYPE: Form fitting, moisture wicking clothing is best!  Stay away from clothing that restrict movement when wet such as cotton t-shirts and baggy sweatpants.
  • SHOES:  Shoes are not allowed in the yoga room.  Yoga is practiced in bare feet.  Plan accordingly!

twofaqs & answers

  • FLEXIBILITY: You do not have to be flexible or strong to do yoga! Increased flexibility and strength will come with consistency and time!
  • NEW STUDENT CLASSES: With the exception of the Intermediate or Advanced classes, classes are designed for all levels including new students. Check out our Class Types and Schedule for more information on the classes available!
  • YOGA MATS/TOWELS: If you forgot or don’t have a yoga mat, we have studio mats available for your use during practice at no charge to you.  We strongly recommend using a yoga towel on top of your yoga mat for additional friction and stability.

threeStudio Amenities

  • ECO-FRIENDLY BOTTLE REFILL STATION: Features sanitary, no-touch sensor activation with automatic shut-off displays the quantity of bottles saved from landfills with each use!
  • GERM KILLING HAND DRYERS: Our hand dryers have cold plasma clean technology and kill germs while drying your hands!
  • SHOWERS:  BOTH changing rooms are outfitted with showers for your use!
  • HAIR DRY STATIONS: We think you will come to appreciate having hair drying stations in both bathrooms.   No crowding around a busy sink to dry hair (or do makeup)!
  • WHAT ELSE? Eco-friendly cleaning products, eco-friendly studio mats, storage “cubbies” located by the front desk, and much more!

fourYoga Room

  • FLOORING: We selected Zebra Mat Yoga flooring specifically designed to meet the demands of yoga practice! This flooring is a tatami mat style that is safe and durable.  Unlike wood or carpet flooring, it is an easy to clean, water proof, slip resistant surface providing sure footing for our students’ optimum safety when holding difficult positions or landing out of inversions and joint sensitive poses!
  • AIR QUALITY:  Quite simply, we have one of the best products commercially available for destroying odor-causing germs, bacteria and other microbes.  We practice here too and want to ensure we have the best air quality possible in a yoga room!
  • ROOM ENVIRONMENT: We offer a gently warmed yoga room unless otherwise noted in the class type.
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