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Feb 2015

Feb 12th, 2015

Category: BlogPost

Feb 2015

It’s February, and love is in the air!

Being the season of love, it’s fitting to discuss our heart chakra (Anahata) and how to keep it open and balanced!

The literal translation of anahata is “unhurt, unstruck and unbeaten.” Imagine living each day with an open heart as if it had never been hurt, struck or beaten! When our heart chakra is balanced we are able to give and receive love and compassion freely. When our heart chakra is blocked we tend towards feelings of loneliness, lack of empathy and inability to forgive. When our heart chakra is overpowering we tend towards feelings of jealousy, codependency and harsh judgement of others.

How can we tap into this internal resource of unending love and compassion? Here are a few things that have helped me throughout my journey.

  1. Let your feelings out: Anywhere you’d like! Journaling, blogging, talking to a friend or anyone as long as you are being honest with your feelings. Getting them out on paper or with someone else often brings a great deal of clarity!
  2. Let your feelings go: A great way to let feelings go is through your asana/yoga practice. Passive chest openers using blankets or bolsters in Yin class on Thursday mornings at 9:45am, backbends either through camel pose which you’ll find in our Static classes or Sun Salutations in our Flows. Backbends allow the heart to be higher than the head, allowing us to lead with our heart, with love. For those feeling too open with possible feelings of jealousy or possessiveness, forward bending such as downward facing dog, standing forward bend and child’s pose will allow for introspection.
  3. Accept what is: Getting our feelings out honestly and learning to let them go leads us to acceptance. Once we can see what is, we can decide whether we can make changes or accept things as they are. This might come naturally as you begin and grow your yoga practice with us here at Yogajax. We seal the end of each class with a breathing exercise or mantra. This can be seen as a way of accepting yourself and your practice as it was during your class and letting it be so that you don’t take that experience into your next practice. Every time you step on the mat is a new beginning! As your practice grows you might see these concepts mirrored in your daily routine.

GIVE LOVE, EXUDE LOVE, ACCEPT LOVE and BE LOVE! Give it to others, but first be sure to give it to yourself! <3

We look forward to seeing you in the studio!

We invite you to join us this Saturday, February 14th, on Valentine’s Day. All non-members will be extended an introductory offer of $29 for your first month of membership at Yogajax!

About the Author – Kelli Hendricks is the Marketing Director and a 200 ERYT/500 RYT yoga teacher at Yogajax Yoga Studio in Plano, Tx. She has a strong passion to help others experience the benefits of yoga in a safe and comfortable environment. Kelli has acquired the nickname Sunshine, as her down to earth nature and sense of fun and wonder shows through her teaching and day to day interactions. In her spare time, Kelli volunteers as an advocate for the local rape crisis center and is heavily involved in animal rescue.